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Health, Happiness, and Home

What Residents Say About Us

Here are some of the many testimonials received by Alberta Manor commending the staff and services we provide. It is always an honor for us to have made a difference in the lives of our residents and their family members.

“I love the staff and the people here!”
~Judy, resident for 15 years

“I can find room for quiet when I want it.”
~Dan, resident for 3 years

“I can’t get over how friendly everyone here is to each other.”
~Antonia, resident for 10 years

“The food is delicious and the staff is so kind.”
~Debby, resident for 9 years

“The atmosphere makes me feel right at home.”
~David, resident for 2 years

“I love the whole home, and talking with Mr. Faraci.”
~Alberto, resident for 20 years